Strategic consulting
Business Plan
Business entrepreneurship
Small and medium sized businesses
Implementing information systems
 Improving Performance, Methods and Processes
Improving Efficiency, Engineering Standardization
Incentivizing employees and managers
Organizational Consulting
Quality Assurance
Project Management
Financial management

Management Insights:

Focused Management: Formulating business goals and objectives, Planning strategy and tactics, Building management tools and reviewing performance procedures for achieving objectives.

Engineering and Financial Thinking: Characterization and quantitative measurement of objectives, outputs, inputs, productivity measures, quality measures, costing and financial measures.

    Areas of activity:
  • Strategic Counseling: strategic planning and analysis, strategic review.
  • Business Plans: for investors, banks, funds and government bodies: the Investment Center, the Chief Scientist, the State Guaranteed Fund.
  • WMS, MES, ERP information systems: Definition of needs, Customization of the most suitable information system, Assistance during implementation.
  • Organizational Counseling: Organizational structure, Procedures, Development, Management development.
  • Implementing innovative management approaches: TOC, Lean Production, BPR, Kaisen and more
  • Quality Assurance: Obtaining and reinforcing ISO 9001:2000 certification, Stamp of approval, The green label, ISO 14000 and more
  • Improving Methods and Processes: Optimization of resources, Reducing costs.
  • Improving Efficiency: Standardization of Time, Outputs, Manpower.
  • Logistics: Purchasing and Storage, including distribution systems.
  • Incentives for employees and managers.
  • Project Management: Timetables, Resources, Costs.
  • Financial Management: Cost Accounting, Budget and Review, Feasibility analyses.


Dr. Zion Avivi, Industrial and Management Engineer and Organizational Consultant, some 30 years of management experience, including 15 years as acting manager of industrial concerns, and 17 years as a consultant on management, business and organizational engineering in the business sector (industry, commerce, services) and the public sector (government ministries, local government).

Graduate ( B.Sc.) in Industrial and Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University (1978), M.Sc. degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University (1984), Doctorate in Organizational Counseling from Newport University (1995).

College lecturer on industrial and management engineering.

Multidisciplinary consultant: organization, marketing and sales, operations, manufacture and logistics, information systems, financial management.